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i like to be in america
ok by me in america
everything free in america
for a small fee in america

i like the city of san juan
i know a boat you can get on
hundreds of flowers in full bloom
hundreds of people in each room

automobile in america
chromium steel in america
wire spoke wheel in america
very big deal in america

i'll drive a buick in san juan -
if there's a road you can drive on
i'll give my cousins a free ride -
how you fit all of them inside

immigrant goes to america
many helloes in america
nobody knows in america
puerto rico's in america

when i will go back to san juan -
when will you shut up and get gone
i'll give them new washing machine -
what have they got there to keep clean

i like the shores of america
comfort is yours in america
knobs on the doors in america
wall to wall floors in america

i'll bring a tv to san juan -
if there's a current to turn on
everyone there will give big cheer -
everyone there will have moved here