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Wreck Of Antoinette
Full fathom five, on the seabed she lies - the Antoinette!

I sailed with the dawn and the wind blew free
'Cross the bright shining sea
And it filled the sails of my Antionette

Goodbye home and the one I love
Put my faith in the sky and the stars above
Cos there's nothing in this world I wouldn't bet
On my Antoinette

She carries your name and for you I'll try
To be strong or I'll die
And I'll find my grave in the rolling waves

Ride on baby don't you let me down
Ocean's big and you don't wanna see me drown
But a bitter rain begins to beat the deck
Of the Antoinette

See the rain come lashing
There's a sudden flash of lightning on the foam
(Hold on Antoinette!)
The ocean pounds in fury
On a man who fights against it all alone
(Keep on Antoinette!)
She goes down with a sigh
And with her hear that cry
Antoinette! Antoinette!

Dawn breaks on the sea and the long dark night
Now gives way to the light and no trace remains
Of the Antoinette

Deep she lies on the ocean floor
Far away from the girl who still waits by the shore
Does she know her love is buried in the wreck
Of the Antoinette

Deep she lies, deep she lies
Antoinette! Antoinette!