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The Free Electric Band
My father is a doctor, he's a family man,
My mother works for charity whenever she can,
They're both good clean Americans who abide by the law,
They both stick up for liberty, they both would go to
My happiness was paid for when they laid their money
For Summers in a Summer camp, and Winters in the town,
My future in the system was talked about and planned,
But I gave it up for music and the free electric

I went to school in hand-washed shirts with neatly
ordered hair,
The school was big and newly built and filled with
light and air,
And the teacher taught us values that we had to learn
to keep,
And he clipped the ear of many idle kid who went to
My father organized for me a college in the East,But I
went to California, the sun-shine and the beach,
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My parents and my lecturers could never understand,
Why I gave it up for music and the free electric

Well, they used to sit and speculate upon their son's
A lawyer or a doctor or a civil engingeer,
Just give me bread and water, put a guitar in my hand,
'cause all I need is music and the free electric

My father sent me money and I spent it very fast,
On a girl I met in Berkeley in a social science class,
Yes, and we learned about her body, but her mind we
didn't know,
Until deep-rooted attitudes and morals began to show,
She wanted to get married, even though she never said,
But I knew her well enough by now to see inside her
She'd settle for suburbia and a little patch of land,
So I gave her up for music and the free electric