Girl, don't you know everytime I see you smilin'?
Hurts so bad cause when I see you, I start tryin'.
Try everything to stop but there's no denying.
Falling in love with you girl is just like dying.

Ohhh, don't walk away.
Ohh, How can I make you stay, don't turn away
I can still hear you saying those

Words that never were true.
Spoken to help nobody but you.
Words with lies inside,
But small enough to hide
'Til your playin' was through. Ah!

Girl don't you know we can work it out with talkin'?
You won't turn around or slow down your walking.
I've given you everything with kiss to seal it
You had to get your kicks with tryin' to steal it.

Now, I'm standing here.
Strange, strange voices in my ears, I feel the tears
But all I can hear are those