BEE GEES - Jumbo
Jumbo said to say goodnight 
See you in the morning
Please don't lose your appetite
He knows who is yawning
tomorrow you can climb a moutain
Sail a sailboat trough a fountain
Jumbo said he say goodnight 
Play no games , he'd say to me
We know who is wrong
So please don't make no hesitation
There will be no recriation
Jumbo said to say goodnight
He's a friend of yours
Listen you can chew it
If it's loud enough you can hear it
'Cause it's narrow as a sparrow
And it shoots a bow and arrow
Thro'a top that's made with
Powder with a gun it's even louder
And it's shattering to hear
Yuo mustn't listen with your ear
But it gets to you
Yes ! yes ! yes ! yes ! yes ! yes !